MindPower creates customized messaging, learning, and experiences that help organizations launch, merge, transform, grow, and thrive. For more than 10 years, we’ve reframed our clients’ thinking about how to engage and mobilize their people. Our innovative approaches guide our clients to view their trickiest business challenges as opportunities and leverage the good in their people and culture for better impact.

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Thinkers and Doers

We assemble project teams who can deliver the utmost good through strategic vision, creative direction and implementation savvy. We’re flexible in our structure, which enables us to plug in where our clients need.

Trusted Partners

We are one part consulting company, one part agency, and one part something else entirely. We’re curious and confident, yet grounded and respectful. Our clients choose us again and again because they trust we’ll make them look like heroes as they receive an amazing outcome.

Accomplished and Celebrated

Since 2005, we’ve honed our own unique know-how. We are a team of industry experts at top of our game. Our work has earned our clients awards from Brandon Hall Group, W3,, and more.


In the end, getting there is what matters. We succeed because we deliver lasting results and make a better impact beyond the project.



Our client fans say our edge lies in our ability to easily assimilate into their culture, find the good within it, and use what we find to craft authentic solutions. Could you use more good? We want to hear from you.

Or perhaps you have a special talent to add to our Good Thinkers and Doers team. We want to hear from you too!

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