At MindPower, we think holistically when it comes to shaping cultures and achieving better impact through people. We have broad and deep capabilities that enable us to deliver a full range of strategic solutions.

  • Brand Messaging, Campaigns, and Movements
  • Visualization: Business Landscapes, Processes, Skills, and Journeys

  • Learning Brand and Strategy Consulting
  • Custom Learning Design and Development
  • Visuals, Games, and Simulations

  • Facilitated Ideation: Visioning, Strategic Planning, and Culture Alignment
  • Immersive Performances, Collaborative Environments, and Real-Time Illustration


Better impact through people

Business Mindfulness • Leadership and Presence • Org and Team Culture • Sales and Marketing • Service Experience • Onboarding and Orientation


Our expertise is rooted in learning and communication theory and shaped by years of experience. Our approach sets us apart from others. We use five Powerful Plays to put a spotlight on the positive and create better impact.

  • Questions Shape Answers
  • Environment Influences Behavior
  • Guided Innovation Sparks New Possibilities
  • Iteration Boosts Outcomes
    Positive answers come from positive questions.
    We engage in Positive Dialogs to reframe challenges and traditional thinking, to see new opportunities. Through this process, we ask positively-framed questions that lead our clients in the direction they want to move. Our dialogs create affirmative working teams and foster forward momentum from the outset.
    Real change begins from the inside of an individual or organization.
    We use Ethnographic Inquiry — a process of analysis in which we consider an organization’s culture and people — to understand the current perceptions and behaviors, positive deviants, and blinds spots as they relate to the business opportunity. Then, together with our client, we identify ways to amplify the good and ignite performance change from within.
    Innovation is a process of diverging, emerging, and converging.
    We open thinking and lead groups to collaborate and dream, assemble and design the future state using Facilitated Ideation techniques. These techniques, which employ a thoughtfully planned and conducted series of working activities, apply in small or large groups, as a standalone experience, or as part of the design of a program or solution set. Facilitated Ideation can involve a range of high-tech or low-tech methods.
    The first idea is rarely the complete idea.
    Borrowing from the agile development movement, we use Successive Approximation to iterate our solutions and designs for a better solution. Using prototypes, concepts, and test runs (“Sprints”) help us proof concepts and find the best designs that will boost performance and create momentum.
    Focus on fostering the conditions to help desired behaviors flourish.
    Our process uncovers the strengths and virtues in the existing environment, which we leverage to create meaning and purpose within our client’s organization.

    Influenced by the fields of Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology, our EMPOWERing Practices model helps clients create the conditions to support positive change: Envision What’s Possible; Maintain Open Sharing; Provide a Voice; Offer Appreciation; Work to Co-Create; Elevate the Spirit; Reframe Deficit Thinking.